The theme for the 77th Annual Greater Manassas Christmas Parade is ‘Christmas in Toyland’!
Early bird pricing for participant applications has now closed.

Applications are available now through October 14 with a $25 increase

Applications are complete ONLY when payment has been received.

ALL payments must be made online. We are NO longer accepting checks. 

If you are interested in sponsoring the parade, you will receive a position in the parade as part of your sponsorship package.  Visit the sponsorship page for more details.  

Questions? Email us:


  • Marching Band – $155
  • Dance Company – $330
  • Cheerleading, Majorette, Step Team – $155
  • Vehicle Clubs – $155
  • Floats (Business) – $330
  • Floats (Other) – $155
  • Business Vehicles – $330
  • Non-Profit Organization – $155
  • Fire/Rescue Equipment (No more than 3) – $155


Thursday, November 16
The Salisbury Center

8890 Mathis Avenue
Manassas, VA 20110
Parade position numbers will be distributed at this meeting. It is imperative that at least one member of each group/unit that will be performing in the parade attend this meeting. Any remaining questions will be answered at this meeting.


ALL entries are judged on Christmas Spirit!  
Performers are judged on their performance at the Judge’s Viewing Stand.
Floats are judged based on their adherence to the theme, as well as their construction effort.

RULES AND REGULATIONS                    
The Christmas Parade Committee has the right to establish the parade theme, determine the number of entries, select and reject participants at its sole discretion and control parade operations on the day of the event. All participants must be approved in advance by the parade Committee.
All entries must represent an organized and recognized community, neighborhood or other non-profit group. Each parade group/unit must be properly identified by a sign or banner carried by a walker or mounted on 
the front of the unit.
Parade entries must be costumed/designed appropriate to the theme of the parade. All participants in a group/unit must contribute to the theme.
ALL participants in a group/unit must contribute to the theme.  This includes walk along parents and chaperones.
ALL group/unit entries (e.g. bands, scout troops, etc.) must be uniformly dressed to participate in the parade.
Parade participants may not sell, or offer for sale, any commodity, service, food or drink on the day of the parade.
For safety reasons, parade participants may not throw any item toward spectators including, but not limited 
to candy, flowers, leaflets or promotional items.
Vehicles that are not an integral part of carrying out a group’s parade theme may not accompany the group/unit along the parade route. Adults carrying coats or other items for participants must walk behind spectators along the route.
For safety reasons, children under the age of 8 shall not walk in the parade. They are invited to ride on floats 
or other vehicles that are integral to carrying out a group’s parade theme.
*** Only one (1) business advertised per application/entry.  
*** No business marked vehicle shall be used in any non-business entry.  If a business vehicle is used, an additional $305 entry fee is required.


Performing “routines” that require the full forward movement of the group/unit to stop or go to half step are not allowed except in the following situations:
When forward movement of the entire parade has come to a halt; and,
In front of the Judges’ stand for a MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) MINUTES.
When forward movement of the entire parade has come to a halt, performances may be carried 
out. However, once the parade has begun a forward movement, the performing group/unit shall IMMEDIATELY move forward. Groups/Units MUST keep up with the forward movement of 
the parade and maintain the designated gap with the group/unit in front. In addition to the judges at the judging stand, there may be roving judges along the parade route.
When performing in front of the Judges’ Stand, groups/units will be limited to a MAXIMUM 
“Beginning of performance” is defined as ANY HALTING of the forward movement 
 of the group/unit in preparation for the performance. Marching at half-time to 
allow the setting up of props will not be allowed.
“End of performance” is defined as when the group/unit has faced down the parade route and
A 2-minute timing device will be readily visible by the Judges and performing group/unit leader. 
Such device will display a warning when 30 seconds are left in the allowed performance time. Disqualification may result for groups/units going over the 2-minute time limit.
Only props hand-carried by the performers along the entire parade route will be allowed during 
the performance at the Judges’ Stand. All performing groups using recorded music must submit their music on DVD at the mandatory meeting on Thursday, November 17, 2022 
at 7 p.m. at the Park West Lions Club.
Parade Marshals will be stationed along the entire parade route to assure safety, security and the continuous forward movement of the parade. These individuals will be dressed in attire that will be easily recognized. Groups/Units creating gaps, after having been warned by the Parade Marshals may be asked to exit from the parade.

The parade will never be cancelled.  However, performances at the Judges’ Stand may be limited or cancelled depending on weather conditions.

If your unit consists of live animals, please read the section below.
Sec. 18-8. – Allowing animals to urinate or defecate on public property or property of another. It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly or willingly to allow any animal belonging to that person to urinate or defecate on any public property, or the property of another without the consent of the owner of the property or his agent, provided that it shall not be unlawful to allow urination or defecation by such animal within the curb or gutter area of a public street or roadway, and provided that defecation by an animal on public property shall not be unlawful if the owner of the animal removes the animal’s excrement immediately and disposes of it in a public trash receptacle or in a public sanitary sewer, or on the owner’s own property in a lawful manner.
Distributing of literature is discouraged. Handing out candy or other items along the parade route is permitted as long as it is HANDED to an individual. Throwing candy or other items from vehicles is NOT permitted. Failure to follow these rules will result in immediate removal from the parade.

Groups/Units failing to obey directions from the Parade Marshals may receive point deductions. Continued disobedience of the directives may result in disqualification.


We do our best to highlight your organization at the Judge’s Stand on the day of the parade.  In order to accomplish this, we need your help by completing a media sheet on your organization.  If you completed a participant application, this information was collected with the application.